Raiding The Beach And Clinching The Day With Superb Commanding In Boom Beach

In Boom Beach, you become the commander of a large naval army on a picturesque and beautiful island in a magnificent archipelago of the finest islands. As the commander, you take care of conquering several islands to fetch more resources and then free scores of enslaved islanders from the bad guy of the game, Blackguard. Simultaneously, you need to defend your resource bases and own base from incessant enemy raids. It’s a freemium, multiplayer mode online game that has garnered countless acclaim and eyeballs all over the globe due to its simple yet breathtaking graphics, strategies and compelling narrative.

Besides attacking scores of unique islands, you need to keep building structures for effectively defending your base. It’d also produce resources like iron, stone, wood and gold. With these resources, you can then build solid defensive structures like machine guns and cannons. For upgrading these facets, you need to upgrade your HQ (headquarters) too. By upgrading this part of the plan, you can activate additional troops, buildings and subsequent upgrades. Exploring the Archipelago is your next step. After you build the Radar structure, you obtain the capability of exploring the panorama. At this time, you visit other players and islands in the area. You can also attack these landscapes by positioning your troops at specific landing stations on the concerned beach before selecting structures to fire. While your troops attack these structures, you can fire a volley of artillery shells from your Command Ship.


You need to attach other beaches you come across. These are called your battle points. These points will help in obtaining and performing Gunboat abilities. The concerned abilities can be strategic and tactical both. For example, you can use Flares or artillery shells. The latter causes damage to all defending edifices and Flares help in maneuvering your soldiers on the island. These constitute two Gunboat Abilities but there are many more. The number of Battle points required for a specific ability shoots up every time you find this ability in battle. Every time you ravage a structure, you acquire extra Battle Points. The last basic is to conquer the island. You can do so by ravaging the Headquarters of your enemies or all the structures present there. With each victory, you obtain life shreds, woods, coins and rewards.

You have the task force multiplier in this regard. You can coordinate onslaughts against the opponent together The multiplayer and social aspect of Boom is the Task Force. You can join or create one and fight the villain together. It’s only this time that the Blackguard is not present on any of the islands. You can find him on the mainland and fight him there. Together, you can seize his bases and destroy all his power cores alongside gathering maximum amount of Intel. Gathering Intel and logistics enable you to unveil the Blackguard Island and hideouts. You use these resources and chat with your to locate the right targets.

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Love The Game More With 8Ball Pool Trick

Use Spin And Win With 8 Ball Pool Trick To Get More Benefits

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Pleasant Surprises Offered By Simcity buildit game

simcity buildit review

On many occasions, you don’t expect anything out of the game but you do come away with pleasant surprises. Simcity buildit is just one fine example of a game which sounds awful but has a lot to offer in terms of excitement and fun. We all have been playing city building games on our PC’s for a while but EA sports has done a commendable job with Simcity buildit mobile game. The game is free to play and available for iOS platform. Simcity buildit is definitely the game to play as you have nothing to pay but all to enjoy. The mechanics of the game has changed drastically. Here you are not asked to execute paintings on the roads, buildings or special zones but you need to create an entire plan in order to build the city. You will be the one who will decide the residential and industrial area of the city. You do have many more responsibilities like keep monitoring your industries and offering all possible services to your sims. The game is definitely a perfect platform for the individuals who do have nice interesting ideas to construct a beautiful city. Yes in the game, you will need game currency SImcash all the time. There are certain ways to boost your Simcash and one effective way is to opt for simcity buildit hack tool. It is mainly the use of the tool which will make it possible to generate Simcash free of cost. Yes, you do have other option to go for in-app purchase but it is pretty expensive indeed.

In the game, you will start with a couple of residential zones where most of your Sim population will reside and construct their home. The main motive of the game is to provide all facilities to the sims to ensure growth in population. In the game, you are not asked to pay for the road, but still, you can’t place more if you don’t earn them in higher levels. When you are done with the residential zones, you need to work on industrial plots. First of all, you need to go for basic industries which will manufacture basic materials. These basic materials are further used to build advanced materials which we need for upgrading the home.

In the game, you can’t relax for a moment and keep on working industries, residential zones and services to keep moving. Meanwhile, you can’t compensate with low Simcash and for this, the application of quality simcity buildit tricks is a must. With low money in your account, you can’t speed up your city building process. Without any doubt, there is a lot to gain out of the game if you are willing to spend some time and effort. The in-app purchase should always be treated as worth option when you are in difficulty and need some financial assistance. We have definitely covered all vital aspects of the game and now it is up to you to make most of the shared information.